Morning Bells

Morning Bells

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Place Measurements OR Color Requests Here!

*Shown in Long Round

*** Sizing Kits are available for FREE with a purchase of 15$ or more. Please pick your set and shape of choice. The sizing kit provides the most accurate fit for flawless and flush nails. You will get your sizing kit FIRST so you can measure your nails. (If you are a returning Polished Babe you can just leave your measurements in the appropriate box when picking your nail set). AFTER you measure, head to and click the “Input Sizes Here” button. After you input all your information, no need to do anything else we will get started on your set right away! SECOND order will include your Over Polished sets.

*When you get your set, all designs will mirror each other. For example, if a design is on the thumb on one hand it will be on the pinky on the other hand.

*Your nails on your left hand usually match your right hand in size. If they don't, please note down your sizes for both hands in the note to seller section when purchasing a set.

*Please note all shapes/lengths are different in size as they are from different suppliers.

i.e A Size 7 nail from a Long Almond Sizing Kit is different in width/mm compared to a Size 7 Short Almond Sizing Kit

Please note Over Polished is not held responsible for incorrect measuring