How do I find my size? How do I know what size to order?

Please refer to our Shapes and Sizing Guide. There are written step by step illustrations

How do you apply press ons?

-Following the given application guide and using the provided application kit, please...

1.File natural nails with nail file so they are even.

2.Push cuticles back with wooden cuticle pusher.

3.Buff natural nail with mini buffer.

4.Wipe debris and oil with alcohol pad.

5.Use glue/sticky tabs to adhere press on nails to natural nails.

**You can also refer to the video tutorials in the Shapes and Sizing Guide.


How can I apply Over Polished water slide decals?

1.Apply gel base coat and color per usual. *Cure

2.Repeat layer of base coat over color. *Cure

3.Cut decal and place in water. Make sure to slide the decal off the paper, do not peel. *Dab off excess water on dry paper towel

4.Place decal over tacky nail and smooth out creases. File off any excess. Seal your decal design by applying another layer of base coat over decal. *Cure

5.Top coat. Cure. Buff nail till smooth (you don't want any edges lifted up). Apply final top coat


How can you remove press ons?

1.Apply cuticle oil around the nails and behind the back of the nails.

2.Fill a bowl with warm water (as warm as you can tolerate) let them soak for awhile and they will eventually pop off.

3.Once removed, buff your natural nail lightly and apply cuticle oil.

**You can also soak with acetone, but this will ruin your Over Polished Press On nails, and they will not be reusable. 

How long will my Over Polished press-on nails stay on?

Wear time depends on how well you prep your natural nails before application, choice of adhesive, and daily activities. Prep your nails with the supplies included, and avoiding long term exposure to water/oils to ensure a long wear time. *Please AVOID water and oils for 2 hours after application.

DOUBLE SIDED STICKY TABS- can hold anywhere from 1-3 days and are perfect for temporary wear and special occasions.

GLUE- your nails can last anywhere up to 2 weeks or longer! Please do not wear nails that are lifting. This can become a source for bacteria to breed. Remove lifting nails, then clean and dry both press ons and natural nails before reapplying your press on nails.

Can I replace a lost nail?

Absolutely! We offer a Replacement Nail option for just 3$ plus shipping and handling. After purchase please use the Contact Us form to hear back from us between 24-48 hours. If you need a faster response, please feel free to email at With both forms of communication, please INCLUDE: your previous order number, required design, which finger, and nail size in millimeters.

Can I make changes after I order?

Unfortunately, all orders are made by hand and begin once payment is recieved for a faster turn around time. You will however be given a 24 hour grace period to cancel your order.